Atlanta, Land of Coincidence

When I came hurtling down to Georgia, I left good ol’ Lancaster PA in a cloud of buzzing curse words and invective. I was totally like “I’m gettin’ out of this podunk town! There ain’t no chicks here!” That’s exactly the way I was. And I was so right! Atlanta’s got girls out the wazoo! You can actually stand there and watch them pop out of the wazoo at a fairly decent rate. But I digress.

Lancaster’s pretty small, y’know? Like 50k people maybe or something. Wait a sec, lemme see if Google knows the census… 56348 as of 2000, and as of that time the number includes moi. Today it’s 56347 of course. The Atlanta metropolitan area? 4,857,497 as of 2004.

Including me, make that 4,857,498. Wait, my friends had a baby not too long ago, so 4,857,49– oh screw it. There’s a big LED sign up the street from where I work (about a mile or so) which keeps a running tally if you ever need the current figure in a hurry. Call me up and I’ll run down there and check. (I’m way too lazy to go look just for me, hence the outdated data. Heh. Outdated data.)

Anyway, considering the size of the population it’s pretty surprising that I’m continually encountering coincidental relationships between the people I meet. Here’s the list so far, mostly involving dates I’ve been on from like, or eharmony or wherever:

  • Girl #1— personal friends with my next door neighbor
  • Girl #2— Speech Pathologist (my sister’s sometime major) Ok that’s a tiny coincidence. But also, the lady two doors up from me is a speech pathologist. And this random girl’s sister lives two streets over.
  • Girl #3— knows Girl #4
  • Girl #4— knows Girl #3, is in a Masters program with a former coworker of mine.
  • Girl #5— not a date, but I met her at this “Mensa” dinner with my pal Rob about a month after I got to town. Technically she might be Girl #1, but she fits in the list better as Girl #5. She’s in the same Masters program with my former coworker and Girl #4.
  • Girl #6— my pal and trivia teammate Amy, who I met by just randomly emailing her on Friendster one day when I was bored. Last night we’re at trivia, and Rob has invited his pal Dana, whose trivia team has recently disbanded. Lo and behold, Dana was Amy’s boss her freshman year of college.

I know, right? FREAKY. I’m like totally freaking out here is what.



  1. After just reading someone’s blog who likened their hemmerhoid to an outtie belly button, reading about girls coming “out the wazoo” is slightly disturbing.

  2. … and, of course, i met you through girl no. 4, and she and i have told you about our secret phrase, right? these coincidental connections appear, we give each other the knowing nod, and mumble, “4.5 million people.” which is a reference to the one-time statistic citing the population of metropolitan atlanta, and an abbreviated way for girl no. 4 and i to say, “jeez, 4.5 million people in atlanta, and we everyone still seems to all know one another.” you’re a welcome addition, jb.

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