Fishing for Sympathy

I am a fool and a chump. Even so, fools and chumps have feelings too and this fool, this chump, this stupid naïve boy has a broken heart. Somebody get the bactine. I have so much to say, but that’s all you’re getting out of me, as this is not a confessional and you are not an Mtv camera crew.

If I’m miserable, grouchy, distant, snappish, cranky, sarcastic, bitter, crabby, distracted, morose, uninvolved, etc. for the next week or two, cut me a little slack please. Now I think I’ll go lie in bed and moan.

Sally: Will you be able to sleep?
Harry: If not I’ll be OK.
Sally: What will you do?
Harry: I’ll stay up and moan. Maybe I should practice now.
(he moans….)
Sally: Goodnight Harry.
Harry: Goodnight.

(Both hang up the phone)

(Sally’s light is out)

(Harry keeps moaning… and eventually lights out)


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