I’m starting to lapse.

Recently, I’ve added some new responsibilities at work, which require a whole ‘nother kind of thinking. For some reason, this change in synaptic activity seems to have triggered an intermittent inability to remember correct terminology.

Specifically, twice last week I said “copy writer” when I should have said “tech writer” and once last week, at LEAST once, I said “OS X” instead of “OS 10.”

This is a problem. Until now I’ve found it fairly easy to keep this sort of thing straight, and it’s distressing that all of a sudden I’m one of THOSE people, just running around spouting off inaccurately like that.

It messes with my self-image, and I don’t like it. I’m going to have to work on this, starting now, and so I’m cutting this week’s post off way early in order to avoid inadvertently mislabeling something. I’ve already delayed it a day out of simple fear.


*shuffles off, muttering*



  1. If you had perfected your current science down to whether to SAY “X” or “10” you were way overdue for a challenge. Enjoy the chaos.

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