Everything I Did 30 Seconds Ago

1. Reached for the TiVo remote to fast-forward Studio 60 through a commercial

2. Realized that the show isn’t a recorded one, so I can’t fast-forward.

3. Told the Avon guy on the commercial I subsequently watched “NO,” out loud, when instructed to buy makeup products.

4. Thought about the difference between cool people and the rest of us.

5. Wondered if your category, cool/not cool, ever changes.

6. Flashed back to the 6th grade play, in which I was a kid just hanging around the classroom while other people did stuff. I had one line.

7. Remembered my 6th grade teacher giving me a line reading for my line, which I wasn’t putting enough emotion into.

8. Said the line, again, out loud, with proper emoting: “Aha, Butch!”

9. Wondered whether my increasingly frequent habit of talking to myself while home alone means anything sinister about my state of mind.

10. Remembered a coworker’s remark about my being left-handed and therefore sinister.

11. Considered that I wasn’t a cool kid in 6th grade, and that Chip, the star of the show, was kind of pudgy but nevertheless the cool kid, although not the coolest kid because those kids didn’t deign to be in the play.

12. Thought about posting to this blog.

13. Wondered whether that makes me cool or not cool, and in which circles I might be one or the other depending on frequency of posting, length of posts, number of readers.

14. Determined that this train of thought in itself makes me uncool in most every way that matters, except for the one that results in money going into my bank account.

15. Sat down, opened my Web browser, and started to type.



  1. Studio 60 has, I think, really hit its stride in the past couple of weeks. More entertaining, less preachy. It’s a shame it’s getting put on indefinite hiatus. Stupid Heroes watchers and their itchy remote control fingers.

    30 Rock’s getting bumped from Thursdays until April, I think, leaving absolutely no new shows I care anything about on the air. Man oh man, I wished I liked cop/medical/lawyer shows…

  2. Yeah, except for that “drug” episode. I hate drug stories. But this week’s was really pretty good, and they totally got the two leads back together which I approve of, and the dude really does have a knack for writing wacky comedy. Too bad, yeah. There really isn’t anything for me to watch now either. Uh, well, uh, except for uh, American Idol…

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