A Few Items of Note

  1. Sometimes, when I remember, I get angry. Like right now, I’m starting to get sick, and as I was leaving the office this evening found myself planning how I’m going to take care of myself if I wind up feverish in bed.

    I’ve got it all planned out, how these things swing to and fro and I’ll get up and go to Kroger sometime in the afternoon when the pendulum is hovering around “doesn’t feel completely like crap” and I’ll pick up my supplies so I can be safely ensconced on my couch for the evening swing back to “feels completely like crap.”

    And it’s while I was figuring this out that I remembered and I got very angry, and I wanted to kick something and break my own foot out of fucking SPITE.

    hulk smash

  2. Often people seem unwilling to undertake the mental effort required to do what’s necessary. Like for example, figure out some really thorny issue that would take organization and cooperation and TIME. They just don’t want to do it, and nothing is forcing them to, so they don’t and you can’t make them.

    Even though you feel like yelling at them “If we just sit down and figure this out, we’ll be so much the better for it!” Still, it’s easier for them to worry about smaller things.

    This is manifested in a small way by some friends of mine. When planning an evening out, if the discussion involves more than one round of negotiation (“Where do you wanna go? I dunno, where do *you* wanna go?”) they beg off. “You know what, I’m just gonna stay in.” Just two or three more minutes of figuring out a plan and the evening would have been set.

    In a larger way this manifests itself in people at work wanting to chat or kvetch or spitball about minor issues when the huge lump that forms the majority of the problem at hand just sits there throbbing on the table while we dance around it. Everybody means well, and I know why they’re doing what they’re doing or at least can form a pretty good theory. But I still sit there cursing quietly to myself.

  3. I wrote a song a couple days ago. Most of you have probably heard it already, since I’ve been pimping it out via email and myspace and IM and passenger pigeon and pony express and scrying pool. But in case this blog is your only source of information re: JB, here ’tis: “Ghost Strokes.” Hope you like it.

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