Hello my dears,

I was kind of pissed on Friday (in American *and* English fashion) and
scribbled this ditty down, then this evening recorded what you will hear
if you decide to click the link. IF.

It’s not as tricked out as the several previous, just kind of a demo
with me and my guitar. Some loud singing, which is disgustingly
self-indulgent of me. But I’m hoping it has a kind of simplistic charm.
Because I’m charming, and simplistic, and would like to think this makes
me cool. Please ignore the enormous clam in the middle, and the other
one near the end. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case it
was totally on purpose.

Listen to “Whatever” by JB

I need to be punished
Think I’ll take my punishment in shots
Of demon rum and bourbon whisky
To ease my mind and stop the clots

I’m always so hungry
But my tongue has gone awry
Venison tastes like white vinegar
Ocean salt like apple pie

Let the bleeding slow
When the vein runs dry
The right to cry
Is purchased with love
Don’t bother
Don’t bother to lie

I need to be punished
Have to purge these angry thoughts
They radiate like cracking plaster
At a hundred thousand watts

No reason, no rhyme
Stop the clock’s annoying chime
It’s dark all day
Rain and cold and gray
And all I’ve got is time

I want something else
What I have is for the birds
Please forgive my oh if onlys
All I have are empty words

Come on, come on, see me
Through these prism bars
That split this oh so ordinary
Into its component parts



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