I have a lot of ideas. I’m an excellent ideator. Sometimes the ideas come so fast, one after the other, that I get a kind of headrush. Especially when one stacks up on the last and expands or refines it, then gets stepped on by the next.

Just now, idea #1 was:

  • RFID bracelet that lets me walk around the house with my music following me from room to room.

It’s a nice idea, and kind of the end result of what would be a pretty intense development process, but it’s feasible. That’s my favorite kind of idea. Mind you, I still get the pie-in-the-sky never-gonna-happen ideas, like

  • “What if renters got an equity share for improving the places they live, and got a cut of the rent from everyone who came after them? If you lived in several places over the course of a couple years, you’d have accrued royalty revenue if you made improvements to each property. Work out a division and time limits on the royalties so property owners would buy in, according to the value the renter added whether monetarily or through sheer sweat-equity.”

That’s also a nice idea, but never gonna happen.This RFID thing on the other hand, I can see it working in my head and I can see myself finding a couple techies and putting the system together if I couldn’t figure it all out myself. Not that I will, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility, it’s totally possible.

So I had that idea, and then thought about what if there were two people in the house with an RFID bracelet? What would happen then?

That’s when I got giddy, because all of a sudden I had one song following me around, another song following my (theoretical) girlfriend around, and when we were in the same room whoever got there first would win but the NEXT song, if it were formed from some kind of ratings-based playlist or some awesome tool like, say, Pandora, it could merge the preferences of us and play songs we were both likely to enjoy. And what if you could start playing with the feed depending on who’s in the room. If I’m in there with my girlfriend, make the next song romantic, or sexy, or refer to some silly joke between us. Communication via iTunes playlist.

*deep breath*

And on and on like that, with idea and extrapolations piled on top of one another and it’s a good thing I was already sitting down because it almost felt like I was high. Like I just took a deep drag from a cigarette and the nicotine went to my head in a sudden rush. I had to lean back in my chair, eyes closed, face to the sky.

One of these days, I’ll have a rush like this and it won’t stop. My eyes will rotate up into my head and I’ll be lost forever.


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