The Girl Rules: Addenda

In addition to the previous list:

6. Girls like shoes.
Some girls may deny this rule, but they’re only denying the TRUTH. Girls like shoes, whether they prefer Doc Martens or Manolo Blahniks. I didn’t have an example of a high-fashion shoe right at hand, so I had to ask… a girl. Guys on the other hand, mostly don’t care *too* much about shoes. They care the appropriate amount, without going completely, obssessively overboard. Unlike a girl.

7. Girls keep track.
How long have you been dating? When is her period due? What hour of the day did you first notice that pair of Jimmy Chus she bought on the anniversary of your first visit to a Thai restaurant together? Girls keep track.



  1. Back when I was working in a convenience store, this one coworker would often comment, when ringing up the purchases of ladies, that the difference between girls and guys is that girls buy bandaids when they are not bleeding. And he would always ask the girls, “Why are you buying bandaids?” And the response would almost always be some variant of “Well, I’m getting low, so I thought I should buy some. Y’know, before I ran out.”

    We never sold bandaids to a guy, like ever, except for this one when time a guy comes in to get a box of bandaids. And I turn to the guy I work with and say “Look, here’s a guy buying bandaids, and he’s not bleeding”. At which point the customer pulls his other hand from behind his back and unwraps a spotty papertowel to reveal a bleeding gash on his index finger.


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