This I Still Believe(d)

When i was a kid my parents tried to get me to eat cooked carrots by telling me that the middle was the “candy part”. And some part of me to this day believes that the middle of a carrot tastes different than the rest of it, just because i never really think about it.

But when I do sit here munching carrots and remember that, I’m like “heh, what a stupid idea”
even as I retain a nagging suspicion that I can detect some difference in flavor when i isolate the center of the carrot and chew on it.

What do you still believe, against all evidence to the contrary?



  1. John? THE John?? Maybe you remember me, maybe you don’t… Anyway, hi. I found you through another MU alum.

    (I still think that deep down, all people are good, despite the constant reminders to believe otherwise.)

    Nice to “see” you again. 🙂

  2. I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they… oh, wait. No I don’t. Fuck that.

    This is probably more OCD-ish than a belief, but I don’t step on cracks when I think about it (which is probably about 35% of the time). I don’t really think it will break my mom’s poor back, but for some reason, while all the other kids did the crack-avoiding thing for a week and promptly forgot about it, I stuck with it. Now that I have written this, I realize it has next to nothing to do with the topic, but I’m posting it anyway, ‘cos I’m crazy like that, yo.

  3. Here’s something that still gets me: I think that if I use a rhyming dictionary to help me write a song, that that’s “cheating”. I don’t know where this idea came to me from, but every time I turn to a rhyming dictionary, I feel dirty.

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