So… many… arghs

On Friday I smashed my BRAND NEW GODDAMMIT car up a bit. I’m fine, everybody’s fine, and suffice to say that in the eyes of the Law if not the Lord, it was my fault. However, I emerged citation-free and merely have to deal with getting my vehicle repaired. And then paying whatever ungodly “You Actually Used Your Insurance” fee Progressive decides to tack onto my insurance premium.

A list of what needs to be replaced due to this little fender-bender:

  • Front Bumper. One.
  • Left Bumper. Two.
  • Right Bumper- Three! That’s how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Volvopop. Three bumpers. It’s like a pinball machine.
  • Right headlight. Tiny little crack
  • Hood. Dammit.
  • Both horns. BOTH.
  • Valence Panel, whatever the hell that is.
  • Core Support, which sounds necessary.
  • Reinforcement Bar, which is where I headed after this accident but is also apparently a vehicle part of some kind.

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