Ok, That’s It

I’ve been trying to give conservative thought its due. There has to be balance after all, there has to be some validity to the precepts of an entire ideology at least at the fundamental level. Let’s leave aside the fact that because of John McCain’s behavior throughout the Bush administration I’ve started calling him “Snakeface”.

But any iota of credibility the *campaign* may have had in my esteem, if not the candidate himself, was lost an hour or so ago when I read this New York Times report, which actually physically disgusted me.

Seriously. I got all queasy n’ shit.

Apparently, contrary to John McCain’s vehement denials, his campaign manager was on the payroll of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac until August at a rate of $15,000 per month. That’s under his new *decreased* contract– previously he was being paid $30,000 per month as president of a sham coalition designed to lobby (maybe they don’t call it lobbying, but it IS GOD DAMN IT) congress to keep the runaway mortgage companies from being yoked down by regulation.

Absolutely disgusting. I want to give each candidate their fair shake, though anybody who knows me knows I lean to the left. And there’s the whole “Snakeface” moniker I’ve laid on the dude. But still, I don’t think anybody’s so terrible right off the bat. I really don’t want to be a fervent partisan. Now I can’t help but be convinced that everything the Republican campaigners in this election say is an outright lie, because they have time and again proven that NOTHING they say can be trusted.

And I believe that such vast amounts of untruth can only be aimed at self-service, and not a bit toward public service. I take this to mean that they don’t even mean anything they claim to stand for. I believe they have no integrity, that they don’t care about anything past the immediate effect it will have on their audience.

They lie, and they dissemble, and I am as close to hatred for their actions and philosophies, and unfortunately their persons, as I have been to anything for such a long time.



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