The Arrangement

Baby I’ve been thinking,
this arrangement ain’t good for your heart
Yeah maybe I’ve been drinking,
Like you’d notice– I play such a tiny part.

I hope you know I’m not complaining
I’m glad to be your Atlanta man
But don’t you find it draining?
Don’t laugh at me, you know what I mean
So tired I can hardly stand

And what about your mother? Do you want to be that kind of girl?
She can’t tell the difference between you and the world
She only wants what’s best for you, because she loves you

This love doesn’t feel so free
I’m tempted to call it quits
But in a sub-prime economy
I’d hate to lose my benefits

I had a terrifying dream of a precipice
We were on vay-kay
We had a dare to see who’d lean over the abyss
And as the other tourists screamed
You pushed me over, then you walked away

It doesn’t really matter
Might as well admit the truth
I don’t think I’m strong enough
To do what’s best for you
So call me next time
You pass through


One comment

  1. You look very happy with yourself when you say “benefits.” Hilarious.

    Can’t believe the bitch walked away after pushing you. I flashed on a very cinematic picture of that:

    Helicopter angle of you falling while she’s already forgotten about it and is walking off to the car. Slo-mo.

    Good tune. Where’s the mp3?

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