My favorite Novemberversary is that of the birth of my niece, who turns 1 today!

This month marks the 13th UNofficial anniversary of me working for this company. I say UNofficial, because I started in Tech Support as a temp and was only officially hired three months later. So in my mind I have a November employaversary, but the company gives me knicknacks in February. I thought it would be interesting to tally up the stats of my time here so far, in no particular order:

  • 5 Job Titles: Tech Support Representative, Technical Writer, Senior Technical Editor, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager
  • 3 Actual Job Changes: answering phones, writing help files, managing products
  • 4 buildings
  • 2 US states
  • 12 cubicles (including a brief stint in an office, and two years working from home)
  • 4 bosses (the number of bosses my bosses have had is probably over 30. I had one of my bosses for almost ten years.)
  • 4 CEOs (one died)
  • 2 company names
  • 5 significant rounds of layoffs (plus several smaller ones)
  • 7 computers (it started out that my work computer was so much more powerful than my home computer, that I’d come in to the office to use it on my off time. Nowadays my home computer smokes my work computer. When did that change happen?
  • 1 lava lamp (with company-colored lava)
  • 1 watch (a Victorinox! but with the company logo on it, so meh)
  • 2 conferences (that’s all! shocking!)
  • 3 extensions (+ for a while my home phone, and not including two company-issued cell phones)

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