2009 Was Perfectly Fine

Lotta hating on ol’ 2009 is cropping up on the Internet lately. So I thought I’d counterprogram by listing Ten Good Things that happened to me in 2009:

  1. I proposed, in an enormously convoluted and yet completely appropriately convoluted and involved fashion, to my lovely girl.
  2. I married that lovely girl in an enormously fabulous wedding ceremony.
  3. My niece learned how to walk.
  4. I got a promotion.
  5. We built a frikkin’ cool deck on our house.
  6. I watched a lot of really good movies.
  7. I listened to quite a bit of really good music (I intend to listen to more this year. I’ve been kinda slacking.)
  8. My wife and I got closer to some really good friends.
  9. Barack Obama was inaugurated. Yes, that happened to me. It happened to all of us, and it was amazing.
  10. I went to NYC and Spokane WA and got to know some new people, get reacquainted with some old friends and play music with them.

I could list more, but those are some of the highlights of my year. This year, I’m looking forward to starting to have conversations with my niece, finding some exciting challenge in my career, hanging out with my friends, meeting new friends, playing more music, watching more movies, and just enjoying life in general despite all the little things that can sometimes be distracting.

Happy New Year everybody!


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